Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Why Should You Take Vegetarian Diet


At present, we should harbor thanksgiving because we can set up for life, after all the resource is limited, in order to let our descendants enjoy what we have nowadays, whether we should stop destroying our earth and try to do something we can do to protect and restore it? It would be best that let yourself and people around you realize the deforestation, pollution, the depletion of the ozone layer and the generated quantity of refuse as well as other problems caused by our daily behaviors, and find the method to reduce the destroy.

In fact, there are many things that we can do, for example the garbage collection, taking the public transport means or walk on your own two feet, planting some drought-resistant plants in your garden in order to reduce the volume of water using; stopping smoking, vegetarian because we eat about 250 pounds of meat each year. But the meat not only will affect your digestive system and waist circumference, but also more influence in the whole world.

A report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization pointed out that, compared with the airplane, driving vehicles and other transportation industry, the greenhouse gas produced by the animal husbandry is more, with the carbon dioxide equivalent to calculate, it is equivalent to 18% of the total. It still is a big root of land and water resources degradation.

Henning Steinfeld, the section chief of the Food and agriculture organization of the animal husbandry and information policy, the report of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Animal Husbandry and Information Policy and the senior writer of this report, said: “The animal husbandry production is one of the most responsible parties of causing the most serious environmental problems. Need to take urgent action to remedy this situation.”



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