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What is Gynecologist?


Typically, a Gynecologist is a medical professional who has special knowledge relating to women’s health and reproductive system. In simple terms, a Gynec is a Doctor who specializes and has expertise in the female reproductive system. 

He/she deals with a various female related medical issues. This includes obstetrics, menstruation (irregular or heavy blood flow during periods), complications in pregnancy, problems during child delivery, infertility, ovarian cyst, PCOS, STDs and hormonal imbalances among many others.

A good and qualified gynecologist should have a minimum 8 years of practice and training. Also, he/she must be certified by an examining body, and must also be registered by a valid professional medical organization.

A gynecologist is not merely specialist who will tell you what to do or how to perform a particular task to get the best out of it. He/she can help you solve many body and medical issues. Thus, you can get in touch with a good gynecologist in times of vaginal infections, unusual stomach pains, menstrual cycles, mammary gland aches. A gynecologist will help you diagnose and solve all the problems including various reproductive system cancers.

 All in all, a Gynecologist is there

  • To warn and alert you 
  •  To inform and educate you 
  • To help you prevent undesired pregnancies, STDs
  • To help you regulate menstruation

In India you have a vast variety of gynecologists, each one having his/her own area of specialization. However, you will find the most known and prominent Gynecologist in Gurgaon.

Gynecologist in Gurgaon has practical training and hands on experience in almost all types of problems related to the female reproductive system.

Need to visit a Gynecologist

Today, a number of women explore their sexuality and enter the sexual space without even consulting a good and credible gynecologist. Thus the lack of awareness about one’s own sexuality and body system’s is one of the most common and biggest mistakes we all tend to do.

It only increases the risks of contracting various diseases and also the chances of getting pregnant soar higher.

In today’s age and date, sexual relationships, casual sex and flings have become a trend. As such, women don’t generally comprehend the importance of controlling and adequately managing their sex lives. By visiting and taking good advice from a qualified gynecologist, you can prevent any unwanted consequences. You will find the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon.

Most women hesitate from visiting a gynecologist for a number of reasons including fear, shame, feeling of shyness or even financial conditions and others.

But, visiting a gynecologist at regular intervals of time is extremely important in order to keep your body in good health and have adequate control on your bodily needs and sexual activities.

Important questions to ask during a gynecologist visit

When you visit a gynecologist of your own choice, you shouldn’t hesitate or shy away in any questions or doubts that come to your mind. Even if you have the silliest and most common doubt going in head, just throw it at your gynecologist and let him/her answer your query with his/her expertise. It will help you rule out all the concerns that trouble you and help you get a fair and clear idea about your overall body and sexual health.

It is important to bear in mind that no two women will face the same problem. So the symptoms, signs and medical conditions vary from one woman to another. As such, the gynecologist needs to look into the matter individually, undertake measures to treat a woman’s specific issues.

  1. Is a contraceptive pill safe? Also is it effective to help to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

An oral contraceptive pill, commonly known as a birth control pill is a type of birth control method.  It is specially made to prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies after unsafe (unprotected) sexual intercourse. It has to be taken by the female orally. When consumed in a correct manner, it changes the menstrual pattern to remove ovulation and thus avoid pregnancy.

Though today, many teenagers and adults resort to taking oral contraceptives after indulging in unsafe sex, one of the greatest fears associated with it is the safety and effectiveness.

Typically, beginning a new way of contraception leads to uncertainty, a lot of doubts and also fears.  Today, oral contraceptive pills have been used on a large extent. But, there are other methods that have evolved over the years that can be equally effective.

Throwing light on the question: Yes, oral contraceptive pills work effectively in most healthy women and also don’t have any kinds of side effects.

But, if you haven’t consulted a good a gynecologist and have decided to self-medicate, then there are chances that you’re putting your health at risk. Every human body is different and thus reacts to different medications differently. So, if contraceptives work for one woman, it is not necessary that it will work for another woman also. 

Thus, it is recommended that you consult a gynecologist and undergo regular check-ups before you take a pill and put your health at risk.

  • Is vaginal discharge normal or a reason for concern?

Basically, vaginal discharge implies to the secretion of fluids or mucus through a woman’s vagina. It helps to keep the vagina clean, hydrated and also safeguards it form all the infections.

On the basis of the discharge’s color, whether white, yellow or brown, it can be concluded whether it is a normal and regular or indicating towards an infection or disease.

Vaginal discharge is quite normal and most females get it at any age. It is not something to worry about. To know if everything is fine, check the below points:

  • The vaginal discharge does not have a strong and unpleasant odor
  • It is transparent, white and clear in color
  • It is thick, sticky and watery.
  • It is wet and slippery

If your vaginal discharge matches the above mentioned points, then relax. If not, go get yourself checked with a good gynecologist in Delhi

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