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Top 10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle And Prevention Of Diseases


Leading a healthy lifestyle with minimum risks and avoiding diseases is the need of the hour. Thanks to rapid industrialisation in the last couple of decades, the standard of living world over has seen an expeditious growth spurt but not without its illness prone fate.

One of the Co-founders at WeLoans, Lucia Jensen said that Heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and depression are just a few of the dangerous ailments that have seeped their way into people’s routine lives, resulting in the hampering of their health. Such ailments are dangerous if ignored and quickly need to be warded off.

Fortunately, there are some simple hacks one can incorporate in their day-to-day lives to achieve this;

1. Health Check-Ups

Regular health check-ups are practically mandatory. Every six months to a year, depending on the age, requirement and lifestyle of the person, there should be a full physical. Numerous check-up facilities are simplifying the process and eliminating the need for excuses due to laziness. Health check-up packages of all price ranges are easily available and plentifully marketed.

2. Stay Hydrated

How simple is this one? All it asks for is that a person stays hydrated at all times. Water is free, contains zero calories and available everywhere. Three litres a day and it flushes out toxins in addition to maintaining wonderful skin. It helps in boosting the immune system and also prevents headaches and cramps.

3. Eat Right

You are what you eat! Popularly misunderstood, the term ‘eat right’ does not mean that all the foodies need to fret. All it demands is that there be substitutes for the more damaging ingredients. Ditch the carbs, load up on proteins and stay hydrated. It is not as cumbersome as it sounds. Vegetarian options are readily available and area healthier choice, whenever possible. They contain antioxidants and help to fight off looming illnesses.

4. Be Addiction Free

Alcohol, Cigarettes, food and even caffeine are commonly known addictions. In their effect, they can cause liver failure, lung cancer, depression and fatigue. They cause the weakening of immunity and also strip off the body of vital nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamins. Nothing is harmful in small and appropriate portions, but addictions are usually the highest cause of physical as well as mental diseases. An addiction-free life is a happy one. Thus, if you are addicted to any harmful substance like alcohol, meth, etc, and are finding it difficult to overcome it, we would suggest you to avail yourself of the treatment facilities from the best rehab centers in your area to overcome the same. You can look for such centers online these days. For example, if you are based in California, you can consider checking the best rehab in California to get the best facilities for yourself as per your need.

5. Work Out

 A work out is the best possible way to release bodily toxins and release pent-up stress. As little as a 20-minute brisk walk, every day is highly beneficial to bodily health. Obesity and stress are practically co-related and a brief walk, run or swim can prevent them both. With a wide array of gyms with Relifesports equipment, clubhouse pools, beautified promenades with walkways and government-supplied exercise equipment in public places; there is no room for excuses.

6. Sleep Right

Studies have shown that people who sleep for 7-8 hours a day are less likely to contract stress and anxiety related disorders compared to those who don’t. Mood swings and crankiness are also undesired after effects of sleep deprivation. Additionally, sleeping well aids in maintaining a healthy weight, shinier hair and glowing skin.

7. Keep your Blood Pressure in Check

Blood pressure is a common but deadly disease. Losing weight, especially in the mid-section of the body, cutting back on caffeine, trying to get rid of stress and reducing the sodium content in regular dietary intake are few commonly adopted home remedies.

Monitoring devices are readily available, online as well as in stores for easier access. Check your blood pressure at home with one of these devices and alert the doctor in case of any abnormalities. 120/80 – 140/90 is a normal range. If slightly above and below, use the home remedies to keep in check. If not kept in check, high blood pressure can lead to atherosclerosis.

8. Vitamin D

Most of us avoid the sun like the plague. It wouldn’t be abnormal to see an Indian person on a beach, fully layered up in attempts to avoid tanning. However, the sun is a huge source of Vitamin D. Studies have shown that most people suffer from some level of Vitamin D deficiencies. Instead of moving over to the Vitamin D pill, get out in the sun and take it in naturally. As little as 10 minutes in direct sunlight can do wonders for the immunity levels.

10. Meditate

Mental illnesses are just as deadly as physical illnesses if not more on occasion. Quite often the two are interrelated. Meditation is not usually the go-to method for any treatment, but experiences have demonstrated that holistic healing is key in maintaining good overall health.  It helps muscle relaxing, improving attention span and the curing of insomniac patterns. All this, in turn, is beneficial for heart diseases.

11. Be Hygienic

We tend to live in polluted times and not touching things is impossible. Keeping the hands clean after using the toilet, eating meals and travelling by public transport is the bare minimum. Wash your hands regularly. Alternatively, keep a hand sanitizer to avoid the passing of germs from hand to mouth. In addition to this, bathing regularly, maintaining clean nails, not sharing personal items like cosmetics, etc. reduce the chances of germ-related diseases. Just adopting the above mentioned simple tips can make a whirlwind of a change in your health and lifestyle. The key to a happier life is a healthier one.



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