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The Importance of an Extractor Fan in the Winter


Most people will not associate an exhaust fan with winter. However, winters are the perfect time for you to buy an exhaust fan if you do not have one. Contrary to popular belief, you need an extractor fan not only during hot and humid summers but also during cold and tricky winter times. Here are a few good reasons showing the importance of extractor fans during winter.

You need fans during winters, but you cannot really turn on the fan! Feeling confused after reading the statement? Well, the fact is that switching on the ceiling fan is not an ideal situation during winters; but you need extractor fans to keep the air circulation going and ensure fresh air supply. Your power-saving fans and energy-saving fans can become quite ineffective during winter. However, the exhaust fan is an ideal option for winter times.

If you are still wondering why it is important to use an extractor fan during winter, read on…

Normally, during winter, people keep their windows shut to keep the cold out. However, this means there is no proper air circulation in the room because the closed windows prevent the entry of fresh air and the expulsion of stale air. As the windows in the whole household are shut during the winters, there is practically very little fresh air or air circulation. Prolonged exposure to unhealthy air will lead to ill health. Furthermore, it may damage the interiors of the house too over a while.

An extractor fan will help you keep the good air circulation going even during winters. It will extract the stale air from the interiors and push the fresh air from outside to keep the air quality good and healthy. This will also ensure that the moisture trapped in the house is removed regularly. It results in healthier and cleaner air within the building. So, the extractor fan is a great tool to stop the build-up of moisture and to dry any moisture that might’ve been trapped inside due to shut windows. Cleaner and drier rooms mean better health and safety.

Extractor fans suck out fumes and dust from the interior of a house. During winters, the closed windows might trap dust and fumes inside leading to health hazards. However, an extractor fan helps you to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air as it expels stale air and replaces it with fresh air.

Extractor fans also help you tackle the most common problem encountered during winter – condensation. It is a type of dampness that can lead to mold growth. During winters, most homes are prone to severe condensation as there is a huge difference in temperatures between the inside and outside of a home. An extractor fan can help you overcome the condensation problem easily and prevent its recurring during winters.

As you can see the importance of extractor fans in ensuring a healthy and fresh indoors during winter cannot be emphasised enough. Those who fail to recognise the benefits of the extractor fan during winters will find themselves struggling to get rid of foul smells, rancid air, and condensation. Exposure to all these over a long period can lead to severe health hazards. However, you can solve most of these problems by operating an extractor fan in winter.



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