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Six Types of Socks for your Fall collection


Socks provide comfort when walking and running. Novelty socks are usually made from thick fabric. They come in various patterns, prints, colours, and styles. This article discusses the various types of socks and their functional needs to better understand their uses.

Types of Socks

1. Ankle-Length Socks

As their name suggests, ankle-length socks cover the feet only up to the ankles. They are a great choice when wearing loafers or casual shoes. They will perfectly cover and protect the foot. These socks give an overall neat look.

  • Worn with low-cut and casual shoes.
  • Meant for men and women.

2. Quarter-Length Socks

This variety of socks goes a little above the ankles, covering only the shins. This not only gives coverage but also protects the posterior of the feet from shoe bites and blisters. Mostly worn by men with both formal and informal shoes, they give a more professional and clean look.

  • Worn with formal and informal shoes.
  • Meant for men and women but is preferred more for men.

3. Mid-Calf Length Socks

This variety runs all the way up to the calf muscles but does not completely cover the length. These socks are made of wool and are primarily worn in the winter. They are perfect for individuals who are into extensive physical activities like running or jogging. These can be worn with informal or running shoes. For women, mid-calf socks come in a variety of designs and fabrics, such as sheer, mesh, and net.

  • Worn with informal or casual shoes.
  • Meant for men and women.

4. Calf-Length Socks

This type of sock covers the calf muscles but stops below the knees. These types of socks are worn by individuals who are in sports and who follow high-intensity workout regimes and physical activities like running or jogging, as they give the utmost protection to the feet. This makes them perfect to be paired with casual and running shoes. Calf-length socks can do a fine job of keeping the feet and legs warm.

  • Worn with casual and running shoes.
  • Meant for men and women.

5. Knee-Length Socks

This variety of socks covers the leg up to the knees and is worn mainly by women under long or short boots during winter. They help keep the feet and the legs warm. Knee-length socks are made of a thick wool-like fabric, which adds an extra layer and helps to keep the legs warm.

  • Worn with long or short boots.
  • Meant primarily for women.

6. Slip-On Padding Socks

Slip-on padding socks are ideal to be worn with ballerinas, low-cut loafers, and casual shoes. Not only are they thin but soft as well. They also safeguard the feet from blisters and shoe bites, which can be very painful.

  • Worn with low-cut loafers, ballerinas, and casual shoes.
  • Meant for men and women.

In Conclusion

Different types of novelty socks cater to unique purposes. One should wear socks according to their needs and outfits. Ankle, slip-on, and quarter-length socks are ideal for loafers, low-cut, and casual shoes. On the other hand, calf and knee-length socks are perfect to be worn in winter as they keep the feet and legs warm. So, get yourself the right pair of socks that meets all your needs. Also, make sure that the fabric of the socks is of high quality and allows the skin to breathe.



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