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Romantic memories with Murano Glass Candle Holders


Who among us didn’t experience the need to make the atmosphere romantic, cosy, and special? Was it Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day, these days call out for an extraordinary touch, something that makes the moment unforgettable.

The need for a detail that will make the memories sparkle is what all of us look for because we want our memories to be unique and perfect. And the right decorations play a central role since they can help to make those special occasions a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Italian have always been known for their impeccable taste and their ability in making unique objects. Venice, one of the most famous cities not only in Italy but in the world, is the right place to find some fine handmade artwork. The Venetian glass has a thousand-year-old history and tradition; indeed, the first written evidence of a master glazier dates back to 982 and this art is protected by the Venetians since 1272. The Venetian glass, as the name suggests, is the distinctive characteristic of Venice (Italy) and of the island of Murano in particular, where all the furnaces are. 

The original Murano glass can only be found in Venice because the techniques used to make these unique objects have been handed down from one generation to another, decade after decade, son after father. The techniques and the tools used to create the Murano glass have remained unchanged throughout time and they are taught only in Murano, therefore anything not created in this specific region by a Murano master glassworker cannot be considered authentic Murano glass. 

The techniques used to create these objects make them even more special. The Venetian master glassworkers seem to have a gift to create crystalline works of art from sand, they make of nothing objects that cannot be reproduced somewhere else. In addition, this art keeps growing in popularity all over the world.  

Going back to where we started, when talking about making a memory unique, what is better than a candle-lit dinner to make everything special? And why not take it a step even forward by adding some more romanticism to the table with some unique candle holders? Murano has the right answer for those who want to make their house outstanding. The skilful hands of master glassworkers from Murano are the only ones that know how to produce these magnificent objects and since they are handmade one by one, they cannot be mass-produced. So, each piece is unique, there is no perfect twin and this is what makes the Murano glass even more valuable.

Candle holders make your table for two or your family dinner memorable, and the Venetian master glassworkers with their thousand-year-old knowledge of glass know how to make your memories even more outstanding. They are something that changes everything. Their presence on the table is sometimes underestimated, but they add a sense of happiness and festivity to the table, and they even make it appear more elegant and sophisticated. Furthermore, candle holders can play the same role as centrepieces but without taking too much space on the table laden with food, so the effect of festive elegance is still present but with an eye to the practical side of the specific situation. 

You might ask why buying a candle holder made of Murano glass instead of any other type of candle holder. Well, Murano candle holders can make your house different from the others. They are distinctive signs, and they certainly make a good impression on your guests. But it is not only about what your guests will think, but also about the value of such art pieces. When buying a Murano masterpiece, in this case, a candle holder, it is always important to bear in mind that you are buying something that no one else has, something that carries years of tradition and history. It is not only an object of design but also a symbol of the Venetian culture that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Authentic Murano glass stores in Venice or official web stores, such as, suggest a series of candle holders that can fit perfectly on each occasion. They vary in shape, height, manufacturing, and colour. The choice is yours and it all depends on the effect you want. From those with simple manufacturing to those decorated with gold leaf and elaborated animal figures, these handmade candle holders from Murano will always allow you to live your best memories, combining beauty, elegance, and romanticism.

Now that you know how special your memory with a Murano candle holder will be, why not create a whole set of art pieces made of this unique glass that takes its shape from the skilful Venetian hands and help to create the most romantic and heart-warming memories in your home. 



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