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Presentation of Kiosk Price List


Floor standing kiosk is a wonderful invention that has made it easy for us to make our shopping convenient. Now users can use it through touch and voice and place their orders whatever they want. This interactive kiosk is used to announce and transfer visual information about the services, products, and much more information to the audience.

The display system that is utilized in the kiosk price list uses an LED, LCD, or projection screen that illustrates the visual graphical content.

Application of kiosk

There are plenty of appliations of kiosks you must know about to make better use of this wonderful technology. You can see them in different places. For example, you will see floor standing kiosk in museums, shopping malls, exhibitions, school canteens, hotels, cafes, and restaurants for self-ordering. You can also see display whiteboards with touch screen in classes and conference rooms. These are the common usage of a kiosk.

High-quality LCD screen

The kiosk has a high-quality LCD screen that is explosion-proof glass. The screen is scratch-resistant, anti-violent, and dust-proof.

24/7 usage

This is the best feature of this technology that it woks frequently day and night. You don’t need to wait for its working that when it will start. It works constantly with stable performance.

Kiosk price list

Below is the price list mentioned on kiosk:

Hot food

Pies Plain                                                      $4.00

Curry Beef                                                     $4.00

Chicken Mornay                                          $4.20

Cheese and Bacon                                                 $4.00

Sausage Roll                                                $3.00

Mini Pizza                                                    $2.90

Roundas (Pizza)                                          $3.00

Mini Pie $2.00

Cup of Chicken Noodles                            $2.50

Tomato Sauce                                              $0.20

Confectionery  (only served after 1:20pm)

Sun Fruits                                                     $1.00

Curly Wurly                                                   $1.20

Ovalteenies                                                   $1.00

Grain Wave Chips (28g)                             $1.00

Red Rock Honey Soy (28g)                       $1.00

Milky Ways                                                    $1.20

Freddo                                                           $0.70

Chomp                                                           $2.20

Crunchie/Mars                                             $3.00

Protein Bar (GF)                                           $4.50

Cakes (Daily)                                    $2.80-$4.00

Frozen Confectionery

Golden Gaytime                                           $3.30

Mango WEISS Bar                                      $3.00

Paddle Pop                                                   $1.50

Zoppa Dooper                                              $0.50

Mony’s Chocolate Milk                               $1.00

Paddle Pop Shaky Shake                          $2.00

Fresh sandwiches

Cheese/Chicken                                          $2.00

Vegemite                                                       $1.50

Ham                                                                $2.50

extras Tomato                                               $0.50

Lettuce                                                           $0.50

Cheese                                                          $0.50

Sushi (Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays)

Vegetarian                                                    $4.20

Salmon                                                         $4.20


Tuna                                                               $4.20

Weekly specials

Pork Gyoza (GF) (Monday & Friday) P     $6.00

(Chicken or Prawn)

Soup w/ Garlic Bread (Thursday)              $5.00

Rice Paper Rolls (GF)                                 $7.00


Daylesford & Hepburn Organic

Milkshakes                                                   $4.00

Bottled Water (500mls)                                $4.50

Bottled Water (1L)                                        $2.00

Bundy Juice (500mls)                                 $3.00

(Orange, Passionfruit, Orange/Mango)   $3.50

Juice Popper (200mls)

Norco FM Milk (300mls)                              $1.50

(Strawberry or Chocolate)                          $2.00

Norco FM Milk (500mls)

(Strawberry or Chocolate)                          $3.50

Norco Real (300mls)

(Iced Coffee or Mocha)                               $2.50

Norco Real (500mls)

(Iced Coffee or Mocha)                               $3.50

Kombucha                                                    $4.00

In a nut shell, a kiosk has made it easy for the customers to know about the goods and their price without any hassle. If you are owning a business, shopping mall or restaurant, kiosk will be the best choice for you.



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