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Necktie ideas for men 


‘Dress to impress’, we all have heard this atleast once in our lives. But dressing up not only means wearing cool, trendy clothes. It also includes accessorising oneself, which means how a person is using accessories to make themselves more presentable and confident. 

From past centuries, men’s best accessory has been a Necktie. Neckties give a sleaque, gentle yet classy look to men. It enhances their personality. 

What do you mean by a Necktie? 

A necktie is an accessory worn over shirts. Knotting it around the throat area and wearing it around the neck, covered by the shirt collar. It is generally length down to the chest. 

It has many variants, for example, cravat,, bolo, zipper tie, ascot, bow and knit. The most recent is an ascot and bow tie. They are descended from the cravat. Neckties don’t come in my particular sizes. They are unsized, sometimes may come with longer lengths.Neckties are traditionally used as a part of formal wear. 

Types of neckties

When it comes to ties, it doesn’t matter what work you do.  A gentleman should always wear a tie whether going for an interview or late night party. It adds on to one’s personality. There are various types of neckties for various occasions. Here is a list of must-have neckties for men. If you don’t own any of these, you really need to upgrade your wardrobe.

  1. Four-in- hand tie

It is one of the oldest types of ties and mostly every man is familiar with these. These are made of silk and polyester. Rarely available in cotton and wool fabrics as well. It comes in different colours, lengths and prints. These are perfect for formal wear. And one can try out different knot styles with this tie. 

  1. Seven fold tie

The seven fold tie is a variant of four-in- hand tie. It is made up with similar composition but with 6 or 7 folds. It has no lining due to its construction. It is made only of silk. It’s made of 7 folds, therefore it is heavier in weight and costs more. It’s easy to get a perfect knot with this tie as it is thick and you don’t need to make much effort. 

  1. Skin fit tie

It is also one of the variants of a four-in-hand tie. It is thin and was popular in the 60s. These are narrower than the usual ties and mostly available in black colour only. They got in frame because of the band name Beatles.The band members used to wear skin fit ties onstage. These are still classy for formal as well as informal look. They go great with jeans. Skin fit ties give a stylish yet edgy look.

  1. Bow tie

Bow ties are fancy ties. They aren’t a good alternative to everyday ties. They look fun and attractive on special occasions. But if worn daily, they might not be suitable for formal wear. They go best with occasions like birthdays, weddings, parties etc.  Bow ties are the perfect match for Seersucker suits. 

  1. Western bowtie

A variant of classic bow tie is Western bowtie. It is more like a casual tie and goes better with informal clothings. 

  1. Bola ties

This type of tie is used as a groovy piece of jewellery by men. It was popular in the 70s. It  consists of braided leather and a cord secured with the help of ornamentals clasp. Many times metal tips are used as a decorative material. These are not meant for formal wear. But looks dashing and dope at parties and night overs. 

  1. Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs are an informal necktie unless they are a part of official uniforms. For example, if you have ever seen a scout in his uniform, you will notice a handkerchief kind of cloth around his neck, i.e., neckerchiefs. They cannot be used as formal wear. Although they look unique and fun while worn for day outs or night outs 

  1. Cravat tie

Fundamentally, it is a neck scarf which was worn by the Croatian soldiers in the French army. But later in the 90s and initial 20s it became a popular men’s accessory. It gets fucked inside the shirt. It gives a royal look. 

Tie sets as gifts!

Gifting something to men can really be confusing and exerting. But now you have an add on for gifting to men. Ties are one of the best things to give a man. It is something that everyone uses, maybe not regularly but they do use it. These are available in so many designs, prints, colour, patterns and lengths as well. Tie set is the best gift for gifting to your brother, friend, boyfriend, husband, father or anyone else. 

Another set to give a man in your life is a cufflink and a tie set. Cufflink is a tool which is used for closing shirt cuffs easily and fastly. It’s an alternative to cuff buttons. A set of cufflink and tie is the most efficient and elegant gift for gifting to anyone. These sets come in different colours, patterns and designs. Even the fabrics are differentiated according to the occasion.

You can buy these sets from nearby stores or online. Many online sites sell these sets with great discounts. What are you all waiting for then? Go grab them and give them to your loved ones. 



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