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Juuzou Suzuya and Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver: Class at Best


A Special Class Associate Ghoul Investigator with the name of Juuzou Suzuya. Rei Suzuya was the name he previously used. Hanbee Abara, who came after Yukinori Shinohara, is his current partner. His initial duties were the Binge Eater probe and the 20th ward. He is currently looking into the eerie Nutcracker in the 13th ward with his crew.

Suzuya has pure white hair that is shoulder length, an androgynous appearance, and youth. He pulls back his bangs with scarlet hairpins that look like the Roman numeral XIII. There are bags under his blood-red eyes. He self-stitches, which he characterises as a type of body modification, on his own body. Below his right eye, there is a small patch of red stitching that resembles two xs. His right hand, right arm, bottom lip, and one just below his bottom lip are all covered in sewing threads.

After receiving therapy from Big Madam, Juuzou fully lost all morals and no longer experiences fear or pain. He used to be somewhat orthodox in his outlook. His teacher, Yukinori Shinohara, considered him to be a troubled young man. Despite his youthful appearance and seeming carefree, he is a very violent and troubled person.

He enjoys killing people, and he frequently derives great pleasure from the simplicity and efficiency of his methods. Oomori was completely innocent, but because to his history, his interrogator believed that when he was being “trained” by the CCG, Oomori had ordered the killing of a number of animals. There was no question that Suzuya had committed the crimes, therefore he was employed as a scapegoat to spare the true murderer from punishment.

Bubblegum Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver is a well-known British celebrity. She was conceived on March 18, 2002. She has become well-known since she is Jamie Oliver’s daughter, a well-known chef and media personality. Her mother, model Juliette Norton, is well-known. Trevor and Sally Oliver, Poppy’s grandparents, are both well-known figures. Jamie’s parents supported him in his efforts to achieve his dream of being a well-known chef worldwide. One of the busiest chefs in the world, Jamie Oliver, is married to Juliette Norton, with whom they have five children


Poppy Oliver was reared in Clavering and London after being born in London. Her parents are renowned chef and fashion designer Jamie Oliver and former model Jools Oliver. Buddy, River, Daisy, Petal, and Daisy are Poppy’s younger sisters and brothers. Poppy, 17, is presently focusing on her A levels.

Jamie Oliver has reportedly mentioned Poppy and her brothers in interviews, despite the fact that Poppy has apparently found it “embarrassing” and occasionally dislikes appearing on his shows.

Her astrological sign is Pisces. A Pisces woman stands out because to her perceptiveness, sensitivity, and kindness, which characterise her personality. She likes to stay away from stressful circumstances, discuss conventional treatment techniques, and appreciate the arts. She is exceptionally imaginative, sensitive, and spiritual because Neptune is her ruling planet. She likes to swim or be near water to let the energy she has accumulated while travelling out.



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