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Increase Online Exposure OfferToro Offerwall Explained


Bring More Exposure to Your Online Business

The online business is based on one ideology—the more website exposure, the more sales! 

OfferToro helps your business grow by connecting it with organic traffic. With a growing number of online businesses, the scope of website marketing has rapidly increased. 

According to worldwide retail E-commerce sales (2022), online businesses have surpassed $5 trillion in sales for the first time. It is expected that the retail E-commerce industry will further see an approximate $2 trillion rise by 2025. 

Consider these factors when boosting your online presence:

  • Understanding the difference between exposure and engagement will assist in aligning your branding strategy to achieve the targeted sales forecast. Are you looking for targeted website traffic? consider the audience you want to convert from visitors to customers.
  • In business terms, exposure is when people get to know about your brand through various marketing means. In contrast, an effective and relevant content marketing campaign can help you acquire content engagement. 
  • Users tend to participate in branding activity that is relevant and specific to their interest. Various online platforms can help you understand how to increase sales with social media.
  • While increasing traffic to your site is essential to generate continuous sales, it is also vital to retain user engagement. Marketing and repeat sales can only be sustained if the website is aligned with ranking algorithms.

6 Ways to increase exposure for your online business

Online presence is easy in today’s world, but the challenge is to entice the viewers to trust you. Every business needs a website because it can have a massive impact on its success, but that’s not all. 

Your website needs to be compelling and creative, and your content needs to be catchy and, foremost, your brand’s story. It should be concise and meaningful. 

Here are six ways to increase exposure to your online business:

Paid Traffic – Ad Words, Facebook, Remarketing.

To be successful, your brand needs to attract new consumers, and Paid Traffic allows you to accomplish this. An entrepreneur pays paid traffic to make their ads visible on different online platforms to gain brand exposure. With the right strategy, paid traffic can be a key to achieving your online business goals.

Organic Search Results and SEO

Another critical element in establishing a successful online business is SEO optimization and you’re ranking on organic search results. SEO helps your website to gain more traffic and become visible on search engines. 

Research proves that users interact more with pages that appear on the first five pages of the search result. Simply put, your website’s SEO optimization is key to turning prospect visitors into potential customers.

Referral (Content Marketing)

Referral or Content Marketing has proven to increase sales by five times. Referral marketing aims to establish brand trust and drive the audience to the website through word of mouth. 

Ideally, you should find an established influencer who creates content in a similar niche as yours.

Organic Activities on social media

Doing organic activities on your social media pages can also be a good source of audience engagement. To accomplish this, ask questions about your business or trending events in your target countries. 

You can also run a competition and offer freebies to attract more users. It is important to note that attractive and compelling posts can also drive traffic to your page.

With social media, think audience, not followers

More followers won’t improve your online presence. Instead, your following improves with a more substantial presence. 

Develop an audience of quality, niche individuals interested in and can benefit from your offer. For social algorithms to display your posts in users’ feeds, you must write posts that get engagement. 

But quality isn’t enough. You want your followers to be compelled to share your content when they consume it. The result will be more likes, comments, and user-generated content. 

In addition, user-generated content results in 29% higher conversions than campaigns without it.

A vibrant page with fewer followers is better than a page with many followers but no valuable content.

Optimize your social media presence

Every day, Facebook receives over 2 billion searches. As of 2020, Instagram now supports general keyword searches (in addition to accounts, hashtags, and people). 

Your profiles and posts should also include popular keywords like your website. You can use many exact keywords with your site, but perhaps with a bias toward idea-oriented or lighter queries. 

Social media platforms are more for browsing and inspiration. However, it all depends on your business. Facebook’s first result for “how to clean a sink” is a video with almost a million views.

The Offerwall – How Can OfferToro Help Bring More Exposure to Your Business

OfferToro’s Offerwall can help you bring massive traffic to your website. We all know how much the public loves freebies! But Offerwall comes with a twist. 

It is essential to acquaint yourself with its operations before you decide to use it for your online business.

What is an Offer wall?

 Offerwall is an in-app advertising service that helps users to gain rewards for their engagement with the advertisement. It does not negatively impact the user’s experience because once the ad is presented, they can choose to skip it. 

An Offerwall can help developers make revenue by monetizing their website or application

The following mobile and web-based versions of OfferToro are readily compatible: 

Web Based Offerwall

OfferToro’s Offerwall service can bring the audience to your online business. You will gain exposure to your users and generate revenue each time a user interacts with your advertisement.

As entrepreneurs, it is vital to be aware that one can not only rely on a single stream of revenue. And with a Web-based Offerwall, you can add one more source of earning to your list.

Mobile Offerwall SDK

With OfferToro’s Mobile Offerwall software development kit, you can monetize those users who on IAP are not converted. Furthermore, it allows ad publishers to take charge of user engagement by enabling users to omit ads.

Since only users interested in the products interact with the ad, the incentivized traffic offers a high revenue opportunity. Finally, OfferToro’s Offerwall team provides around-the-clock customer support to its clients.


Because only users interested in the products interact with the ad, the incentivized traffic offers high revenue potential.

Using APIs, you can ensure that your content is adaptable, flexible, and innovative while streamlining your content progress.



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