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How to Impress Customers with Custom Floor Advertising Decals


A bored customer is difficult to engage with and convert. With most businesses stuck in the same groove, their advertising campaigns fail to excite them and arouse their interest. Floor graphics in the form of decals and stickers provide an interesting, unexpected, but at the same time, effective method of advertising indoors and outdoors. Some pointers if you have never used floor decals to advertise:

Top Benefits of Using Floor Decals for Advertising Your Business

Floor decals, also commonly called floor graphics, are typically custom-designed vinyl stickers designed for application on interior and exterior flooring surfaces. They come with a strong adhesive on the reverse that makes it possible to stick them on all kinds of floors, wood, marble, granite, and even concrete and asphalt. Some of the most compelling reasons for businesses to use floor decals to advertise their products and services include:

High Noticeability: Most people expect to see out-of-home advertisements in their usual line of sight. However, since they see a large number of banners, billboards, advertising flags, posters, window decals, etc., they tend to filter them out. Since most people do not expect to see attractive graphics on the floor, they will invariably notice them due to the surprise element. Another powerful reason for their high noticeability is more people look downward when checking out their mobile phones for text messages and social media. According to Reviews, Americans check their mobile phone 344 times on average every day or once every four minutes.

Versatile: You can design and print custom floor decals in any shape and size you want. The design possibilities are also endless because you can choose from a large color palette and incorporate business and brand logos, graphics, images, advertising slogans, or other text messages. You can keep changing the design as frequently as you want to drive home different messages because they are easy to design and fix. Removing the old decals is also simple and quick.

Durable: The adhesive on the back of the floor decal is extremely strong and allows it to remain in place for a long time. The lamination on the top of the decal ensures that even a large volume of traffic passing over it does not damage the advertisement. The durability of floor decals makes them ideal for long-term advertising.


Floor decals are versatile, and you can use them in many different ways. Some of the most common applications of floor decals include pointing the way to product promotions with directional decals. Floor decals are equally effective for promoting the events you are sponsoring or organizing, in addition to fixing them on the floors of the event venues, you can also display them on the sidewalks, but only after taking the necessary permission from the city administration. You can also fix them on the concrete or asphalt surface of the parking lot to welcome your visitors and announce sales or promotions. You can also use floor decals to create interesting optical illusions to make the target audience stop and admire your creative talent.



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