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How to Edit a PDF Document


There’s no denying the fact that PDF documents are the most common file format in use across the globe. Seldom will you find a person who isn’t aware of it. After all, it is not just being used in the medical and real-estate industry but also in academic institutions and by small businesses. It gained popularity back in 2008 when Adobe was released. 

This led to the widespread adoption of this file format. The idea behind creating a PDF document was to ensure that file transfer should be smooth. But sometimes, even PDF documents need to be edited for the ease of the user. Below, we have mentioned how you can do it compress pdf

  • Open the File

You must have heard of the free pdf editor when trying to change the file format. So if you have one already, you are good to go. Ensure to read the customer reviews before downloading it from the internet. Once you have it, next, you need to open the file. Regardless, if you have the document on your phone or laptop, you need to open it first. Make sure to turn off the other applications on the laptop, otherwise, this process will be slowed down. 

  • Click on “Edit PDF”

Once you open the document, you will find the “Edit PDF” tool on the right pane. This tool looks like a red pencil. And the second part of the picture is an irregular line drawn beneath it. Once you see this icon, click on it. You will be obliged to choose several other options. 

  • Use Editing Tools

Once you have clicked on “Edit pdf,” you need to make changes that please you. In simple words, you can add new text, edit text and even update fonts from the format list. You can even add, replace or move images according to your needs. This will be time-consuming, but you can do whatever you want. We also recommend you check other tools to help edit the PDF further. 

  • Add Watermark

Although this is optional, you can do it when editing the PDF document. You can even annotate PDFs if you want. We recommend you add a watermark to seal the document with your changes. 

  • Save the Edited Version

Once you’re done with the editing of the file, name it. After this process, click on the “Save” button. This will take less than a few seconds to save your file. Once the file is ready, you can share it with anyone online. Even when converting a file from word to pdf, you can easily make changes to the document. 

How to Find the Best PDF Editor?

When searching for the best PDF editor, the internet will unleash various options for you. But we recommend you use PFEDIT since it has several ravishing customer reviews. In a short time, this PDF editor has become an important tool for several businesses. You can go through the testimonial section on the official website and see for yourself. 



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