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How to design a logo for custom embroidered patches


Custom embroidered patches are one of the most popular ways to put your logo on clothes and accessories. Of all the customization methods, it is the most versatile, durable, and refined. They provide legitimacy to company uniforms, add value to apparel, and awareness for brands. Whether you fix your current logo or create a new one, the blog will help you learn to design the best logo for embroidered patches.

Basics of logo embroidered patches:

Understanding the basics of custom embroidered patches will help you succeed.

What are embroidered patches?

Embroidered patches – also known as cloth badges – are fabrics with a logo or a pattern embroidered with yarns or threads. People have used the method for centuries for decorative purposes. Previously, they used to do it with their hands, but with technological advancements, they do it on a mass level with machines. It has revolutionized the industry as it takes less time and produces exact designs. People use them on a variety of items; some of the popular ones are t-shirts, jackets, backpacks, caps, hats, beanies, jeans, shoes, work uniforms, etc.

Steps in the custom embroidered patches production:

The process starts with a quality design and follows through a series of steps requiring experience and knowledge to make the correct design choices. We can divide the entire process into these steps:

  • Logo design:  The process begins with the logo creation; you have to make some modifications for the patches.
  • File upload: send the design file to the manufacturer; the best file formats for custom embroidered patches are vector files like EPS, AI, PDF, etc. You can also use high-resolution bitmap files such as PSD, PNG, or JPG.
  • Design proof: Check the design carefully to ensure the colors, size, and other information is accurate. The production starts after you approve the mockup design.
  • Digitization: they digitize the artwork into machine readable language or DST files. It contains custom stitch patterns, and the machine reads and creates accordingly.
  • Patches production: As the machine sews the stitches, experts monitor to check. They remove any stray threads afterward.

Logo design for embroidered patches:

Many factors will decide how your embroidered patches look, such as design, production process, threads, etc. Consider each element carefully to ensure your embroidered patches look outstanding and send the message across.

Sizing:  Custom embroidered patches are smaller than their printed counterparts. You will see embroidered patches on the left chest, sleeves, back, caps, etc., rather than the entire front and back.

Boy and girl Scout patchesFrequent size: 3-inches
Firefighter patches4-5 inches
Police patches4-5 inches
Security patches4-5 inches
Military patches3 to 4.5-inches
Martial arts patches3 to 4.5-inches
Motorcycle patchesUpto 12-inches
Safety/ EMS patches4 to 5-inches
School patches3 to 5-inches
Sports patches3 to 5-inches
Shirts Left chest4 to 5.5-inches
Sleeve3 to 4-inches
Upper back3 to 4.5-inches
Caps Front2 inches high * 4-inches wide
Caps Side2.5 * 2.5 inches
Caps back2 inches high * 4-inches wide

The smaller size of embroidered patches is a vital factor limiting the achievable details. You might ask: why not use large embroidered patches? While it is possible to create large patches, keep in mind that the bigger the patches, the more the price. Also, a large patch can become heavy with all the threads and backing; it can weigh down the apparel and will feel uncomfortable.

Detail levels:

You can achieve 3D, colors vibrancy, durability, shine, etc., but a lot of designing has to keep it simple. It is challenging to achieve very high levels of detail; if your custom design contains various tiny design elements, it might not come up as you would have imagined.

Please avoid including several details. Since threads make up custom embroidered patches, thin lines, tiny pieces, subtle patterns, etc., might get lost in stitching – especially in smaller patches where the print area is about 2-inches.

If you can not increase the individual size, it is better to leave them out or consider a simple logo layout. Remember, people can read and understand if it is clear; most people would not see the patches up close.

Fonts: All fonts are not equal; some fonts are much more suitable for custom embroidery patches than others. For the best results, use clean, simple, and bold fonts. It is best to avoid fonts that are extra thin, complex, fancy flourishes, distressed, etc.

Most serif and script fonts do not look good at a tiny size. For the best readability, avoid using 0.25 inches tall fonts. It is best to be on the safe side: if a stroke is too thin, remove it.

Colors of custom embroidery patches depend upon the colors of the thread and range between 4 to 15 – plenty for most designs. It is best to choose your primary colors and remove or reduce the rest. It will keep your logo design clear and cost in control.

Another vital thing is to consider the garment colors and how they complement them. Remember, patches are part of the apparel, and use contrasting colors for better visibility.

Gradients: are challenging to achieve with embroidered patches. It is advisable to avoid them; if your logo design depends on it, it would be best to consult with the manufacturer. Some companies like EverLighten provides expert advice for free.

Custom embroidered patches FAQs:

Can we create the logo as it is?

Yes, it is possible, but look out, it might not be readable, and you might not like them as you imagined. Sometimes, a simple design representing your logo is better than a complex one.

Is it possible to embroider a distressed logo?

Yes, but it is challenging to embroider small distressed fonts. It might require simplification or replacements according to the design complexity.

Can we embroider a photograph?

Yes, but it is better to use custom photo patches for photographs.

Is it possible to create a logo from a low-resolution image?

Yes, but it will affect the logo quality.

Do threads become loose and come apart?

No, the embroidered patches last quite a long time, and you do not have to worry about colors.


Remember to keep the logo simple and bold so that they are readable from a distance. Reconfigure or redesign the logo to make them most impactful; you do not want to create a negative image of your brand with a distorted logo. For the best quality logo on custom embroidered patches, contact EverLighten. They have helped start-ups, large companies, sports teams, hospitals, martial arts schools, military, firefighters, police, etc., create custom embroidered patches for eighteen years.

Chevron Texaco corporation is a multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 company. They were searching for a custom embroidered patch manufacturer for their employees and were quite disappointed after connecting with several manufacturers because of their low quality. Contacting EverLighten, they were apprehensive and asked to create samples to represent their logo. After understanding their requirements regarding design, colors, size, and backing, we went into production. The mockup turned out to be clear, bright, and soft feel. They were happy and asked us to go ahead. We produced over 40,000 custom patches for the Chevron Corporation.

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The EverLighten difference:

  • Best pricing: they are a dedicated factory for producing custom patches and not intermediaries; customers always get the best price.
  • Quality without a compromise: they use premium-quality materials and the latest processes.
  • Fast turnaround time: they provide the quickest delivery for every order.
  • 24*7 support: you can contact us anytime; they provide round-the-clock support.
  • Real people, phenomenal service: EverLighten loves helping; they offer various options for every patch.
  • Free design help and unlimited customization: the custom patches will look as you imagined; they also provide endless customization.
  • No MOQ requirement: you can order as many patches as you need; they accept orders without a minimum limit.
  • Worldwide shipping: they deliver worldwide; customers can track their orders anytime with an order tracking tool.

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