Saturday, December 10, 2022

How does Gambling affects Mental Health?


Gambling is one of the popular and favorite activities of many, while some people do it for leisure others take it as competition. The motive behind the introduction of gambling was making people escape from boredom and repetitive schedules, in this sense it turned out to be highly beneficial for people. As people found new and exciting ways of escaping their regular life. However, many consider gambling unethical, but it would be inappropriate to completely say this, as it has shown some positive effects on people as well.

When we talk about the effect of gambling on mental health, we come across both positives and negatives of gambling; it all depends on how seriously we take it on our mental health. Gambling is an activity to make us feel pleasure, but if we dive more into it then it can affect our mental health badly. In this article we will be discussing some of the major pros and cons of gambling and how it can affect your mental health.


  1. Gambling increases focus– If we go in depth, we realize that gambling is not something which everybody can do. It requires a lot of focus and strategies in order to make gains, with this we understand, gambling is a good way to enhance focus and develop strategical brain. This helps us to learn a new skill, which we can apply in our professional life as well, being strategical is always considered as high value. With the introduction of online casinos, Malaysian online slots game, rummy, poker etc. The requirement for strategy is increased as strategy comes with focus. Hence, this resulted in empowering the gambler with developing better qualities in self.
  2. Improves brain power– When you gamble and win your brain starts to release dopamine, it is a pleasure hormone. You tend to become more excited about the game, and wish to feel more excitement by more wins. They show increased brain activation in the reward system of the brain. Hence, this tends to improve neurological behavior in your body, as even if you are losing your body responses with full activation and involvement.
  3. Improves decision-making– To win and make gains out of gambling, strong decision making is important. When you gamble you need to make many decisions, you have to decide on bets which move to make and when to stop. These decisions require smart and strategic thinking and there is no scope for making mistakes. Hence, you take proper care in deciding when gambling. Moreover, when you develop strong decision-making ability, it helps you in other areas of life as well.


  1. Could lead to depression– Sometime gambling becomes addictive to a person, which results in spending more time into it. If a person is addicted to gambling, then losing money could cause serious disappointment which can result in depression. As much as we enjoy the win, similarly we regret the failure. Hence, this failure leads a gambler to debt, and this further leads to severe physical and emotional breakdown.
  2. Loss of interest in other activities– When a person becomes addicted to gambling, he/she tends to lose interest in other activities of life. They start to disregard their interests and hobbies and lose their passion about the things they love. In such situations gambling dominates a person, and they don’t think about anything else. Hence, being much involved in gambling results in the loss of participation in other important activities of life, and this affects the physical and mental wellbeing of a person.
  3. Gambling affects relationship– Being highly addictive to gambling affects the personal relationships of a person. A person tends to isolate him\her from others, it decreases the response to people around the person due to lack of communication. Over involvement in gambling can result in toxic relationships. Moreover, it leads to the feeling of shame and guilt which can overwhelm the gambler eventually. It keeps driving them away from people until they lose connection with others completely.


Gambling is good if you pay attention to managing your time involvement in it, over involvement of yourself in gambling can harm many aspects of your life. It can drain you mentally and make you lose interest and passion about the things you love along with losing interest in maintaining personal relationships. Hence, it is important to have control over your gambling habits. You should avoid doing it often and try doing it occasionally. Moreover, do it for leisure and fun and don’t take it seriously, as it is just a game that we play, and winning and losing are part of the game, so take it easy and be ready for whatever comes. In this way you can get benefits of gambling, and it can inculcate good abilities in you which are helpful in other areas of life.



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