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Here are 7 Housewarming Gift Ideas  


When someone moves to a new location and declares it their new home, it is a very special feeling. To commemorate that joy and moment, people throw a housewarming party and decorate their homes. They invite all of their close family members and friends to look at the new place.

So, have you recently been invited to a housewarming party? Congratulate your close friend on their happiness and success by bringing along some special gifts. Here are a few gifts ideas for new house that you could use, to give to friends who have recently moved into their new homes.

  1. Levitating indoor plant

Plants are one of the best gifts ideas for new house. This is because it is always great to have them around you in your home or office if you want to feel calm and optimistic. 

Purchasing beautiful planters is another excellent way to enhance the experience.

The housewarming gifts online at big small take it a step further with a magnetic Levitating Plant Pot, which floats in the air at the base and automatically rotates 360 degrees. Bring this cool planter to your home office or living room to fill the space with a positive and relaxed vibe.

  1. Hippopotamus Storage 

Hippopotamuses are a symbol of strength and calm in the face of adversity. Giving someone the hippo when they are going through a difficult time shows how much you care about them. It surely makes for amazing gifts ideas for new house.

The possibilities for storing jewelry, keys, phones, or loose change are endless. Place some candies in there for the kids to enjoy during games when it’s a kids’ night. Purchase the organizer as a gift for an animal lover who enjoys keeping their space neat and clean.

  1. Ganesha Ji incense burner

What is something that is always required at the beginning of anything auspicious? Ganesha JI and also incense sticks to give a pure aroma – Well what if we tell you that there is an incense burner with a Ganesh Ji statue? You can put an incense cone on top, and the burner is designed so that the smoke spreads through Ganesh Ji’s trunk and into the bowl in his hands!  There just cannot be any better housewarming gifts online than this one.

This one is unlike any other incense burner, looking surreal and oh-so-wow. The smoke infuses the air with fragrance and creates a divine feeling in the atmosphere, instilling hope in the God of New Beginnings, Ganesh Ji! This is an excellent housewarming, Diwali, or Ganesh Chaturthi gift for anyone.

  1. Lion Table Clock 

The “Make in India” campaign is something that the entire country is looking forward to. This gear table clock embodies the make-in India logo and would look great on your bedside on your study table as well. It looks perfect and also vibes well with accent wall colour. 

  1. The Classy Touch Lights

What is something that will not only be considered as an amazing housewarming gift but also be so classy that you’ll be tempted to buy for yourself as well – They are these Classy Touch Lights. They are made up of magnetic tiles and are highly customizable. You can easily put them into any shape of your choice, from a cube to hexagon.

The best part about them is that the power supply is needed for only one tile, the rest of them light up on their own due to the magnetic edges.

  1. Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp

 This Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp is just what one needs for their house. This lamp is not your regular lamp, it has lighting that can light up your room as no other lamp can. The two wooden frame balls function as lamp switches. The two balls present on it get attracted magnetically as soon as one raise’s the lower ball. 

They float in the air, and the light turns on when they reach a static equilibrium. The novel medium of switching lights should be treasured. The design chosen here is such that the lamp’s illuminating element is embedded into the frame, allowing light to escape. The rounded curves give it an elegant appearance.

It’s an ideal present for everyone in your life. Enjoy the brilliance of this ground-breaking lamp.

  1. Nameplate

A string art name tag or message is one of the most popular housewarming gifts online this year. The art of string writing is very creative, and the hanging looks presentable once completed.

Bottom Line

Nothing beats moving into a brand new home and receiving some unique housewarming gifts to  enhance your space to look even more awesome. The famous quote “home is where the heart is” is used to convey how unique the places we live are.

Housewarming parties are a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the purchase of a new home. Consider the look on your friend’s face when you present them with some cool wall art to hang in their home. Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated because they improve the quality of life.

If you have to gift someone a housewarming gift then before you give someone a housewarming gift, consider their interests rather than thinking about what your favorite housewarming gift would be. 

Consider what they enjoy and give them something you know they will use. Consider what might make them say “home sweet home.” Fun ideas like getting a return address stamp can be unique even if they are rarely used, whereas other ideas like a bottle of wine will be just as good even if they are common. It’s entirely up to them.

Do they brag about being able to make sandwiches? , then perhaps they’d appreciate a new toaster. Do they enjoy playing cards? Maybe they’d like a new deck of Uno cards to go with their new digs. Or if you’re not able to figure it out then, check out the gifts ideas for new house we listed above as they are the best housewarming gifts online.

 The bottom line is that there are numerous options to choose from when purchasing gifts. It’s fantastic to give new homeowners something unique. Have a good time!



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