Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Insight Partners invests $290M in CivicPlus


According to CEO Brian Rempe, Insight Partners and CivicPlus are a perfect match as investment partners as the enterprise strongly supports and backs the growing needs of local governments. This investment of $290M by Insight Partners will hugely propel the growth of the groundbreaking Civic Experience Platform. CivicPlus provides cloud-based software to fulfill the needs of local governments by optimizing the interactions with its citizens in all its sectors increasing citizen satisfaction, revenue growth and fruitful operation. According to Ryan Hinkle, managing director at Insight Partners seeks leadership and innovation in the platforms it invests in. With their experience and expert approach, Insight Partners understands the ever-evolving and demanding relationship between governments and its citizens and aims in empowering civic leaders in developing and strengthening that relationship.

According to Hinkle, the leaders at CivicPlus well understand the importance of optimizing the relationship between the governments and citizens and have equipped themselves with technology, market penetration and strong customer relations to cater to the needs of the local governments. CivicPlus aims to fill the blank with citizens experienced in the digitization of the public sector, digital seamless interaction with the government is what the citizen looks for and CivicPlus helps to bridge this gap.

More than 40,000 local governments use the platform interacting and serving nearly 250 million citizens, the first and only Civic Experience Platform provided by CivicPlus in this sector. The global venture giant and equity firm Insight Capital invests in enterprises with high growth value, launched in 1995 it has invested in more than 400 companies in the world. Insight Partners aim to support and finance vision and visionaries, it believes that growth and ScaleUp companies manifest opportunities for everyone.



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