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Find Out All You Need To Know About CureMD EHR


The electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system CureMD EHR is user-friendly and revolutionary. No matter the size or specialties of the various units in your healthcare organization, it can be customized to meet their needs thanks to its modular design. Its primary goals are to assist you in accomplishing three things: streamlining operations, making decisions easier to make, and making sure your company complies with regulations. CureMD EMR helps users access medical records, interact with patients, and even speed up check-in procedures, in addition to offering assistance with clinical, administrative, and financial functions. It can assist you in automating repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best with an adaptable and intuitive design.

About CureMD Medical Billing

A cloud-based service called CureMD Medical Billing offers complete revenue cycle management services to medical practices of all sizes. It aids in resolving persistent issues that plague medical practices, including high accounts receivable, declining cash flow and payments, and occasional and incomplete summaries and analyses. The solution provides a service to manage accounts receivable that have been past due for a long time and helps clinics enroll with insurance companies. It also supports practices in their attempts to oversee denials and enhance claim settlement ratios.

Why should you invest in CureMD EHR?

The management of medical practices is automated by the user-friendly, adaptable, and interoperable digital health records software called CureMD. This software is being used by a lot of healthcare professionals from different specialties to boost productivity, achieve seamless stakeholder collaboration, and provide better patient care and experience.

Physicians can easily access all the patient data and health records they require through CureMD EHR Software, enabling them to interact with patients more effectively and deliver high-quality care. Additionally, it provides an iOS app that allows users to conveniently complete practice-related tasks like patient scheduling, digital prescribing, and authorization verification from any location.

CureMD EHR Features

Intuitive Interface

It pays to have a reliable network of stakeholders nearby in a sector where immediacy and speed are crucial. In response to this, CureMD provides its users with the ability to combine solutions, platforms, and technologies in the medical industry. The integration of all partners and stakeholders into a single account will make communication, information sharing, and data forwarding much simpler.

Mobile Access

CureMD is aware of the demand for a portable, user-friendly solution. Its modules are intended to be accessed via an iPhone or iPad app. Patients are able to schedule appointments, enter their medical history into the database, and receive notifications and reminders thanks to this level of accessibility. On the other hand, doctors have 24/7 access to their patient’s records, can share information with laboratories and other parties involved, and can even send invoices and obtain payments.


CureMD can accommodate all users thanks to features and packages that can be customized to meet the individual needs and specifications of a medical professional. The best use of this solution will depend on how it fits best with the workflow, deadline, and preferences of doctors and health organizations.


CureMD gives doctors the tools they need to communicate and work together with a range of stakeholders to improve patient care. The EHR software integrates and functions with a variety of platforms, services, systems, and technologies used in the healthcare sector. They will thus be able to communicate easily with clinics, pharmacies, research facilities, insurance companies, radiology service providers, cancer or immunization registrars, and other parties. For instance, CureMD uses cutting-edge lab interface technology to let doctors connect with various laboratories right away. This makes it possible for them to request lab tests online and receive the results from laboratories.


Due to its flexibility, CureMD can be implemented into any type of medical practice, irrespective of its specialty. The automated workflows can be created and implemented by doctors according to their own practice preferences and styles, thanks to the EHR software. Physicians can customize dashboards, summaries, billing, and scheduling in addition to workflows in the software.

Client Engagement Management

A patient portal offered by CureMD was created to simplify and improve how doctors interact with their patients. This eliminates the need for patients to wait in line for extended periods of time to request appointments, refill prescriptions, obtain readily available test results, update their medical records, or get clarification on a doctor’s instructions. This is so they can have a hassle-free and positive patient experience because they can complete all of these online through the patient portal.

CureMD EHR Pricing

Expert instruction and additional support services are available monthly subscription to CureMD EHR Software. CureMD EMR costs $295 per provider per month. The suite includes a practice management system with a monthly provider fee of $395.

CureMD Alternative – Elation EMR

The next generation of sustainably general practice is the foundation for clinical-first care. Doctors in primary care are currently under stress to handle client care and documentation compliance requirements. Eliminating this burden with Elation frees independent practices and primary care organizations to focus on what matters most: delivering top-notch healthcare. To provide excellent patient care, primary care doctors and their practice are given the tools they need by Elation’s HIPAA- and ONC-certified EHR. For practitioners searching for an ONC-ATCB accredited electronic medical record (EMR) that includes patient scheduling, a client portal, electronic prescribing, and efaxing, Elation Health is a Cloud Based EHR Software solution with a clinical focus. Elation Health makes the most of its powerful software features to improve your workflow.

Elation EHR assists primary care practitioners in preserving the practice of medicine and thriving in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. Elation Health currently provides 9.3 million Americans with care through 2100 clinics that house 23,000 active clinicians. To know Elation EMR pricing, you can schedule an Elation EHR demo. You can also go through Elation EMR Reviews to know more about the software!



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