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Everything You Need to Know About Bio Retinol


Retinol is a type of retinoid, which is made from vitamin A. It does not remove dead skin cells, as many other products for mature skin do. Instead, the small molecules that make up retinol go deep beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to your dermis.

Finally, retinol works as an Exfoliator to your skin and helps remove all the pollutants from your skin. It enhances the skin appearance and reduces many things which occur due to busy lifestyles. It helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and bumps from your skin. Retinol has many properties. You can buy different types of retinoils from the market according to your skin and age because there are tremendous anti-aging benefits of retinol

Types of skin

Here is a list of broadly divided skin types :

Oily skin

Oily skin is when oil glands produce a large amount of oil. Your skin lies in this type when you can feel oil on your face after a few hours of face wash. Large amount of oil is accumulated on your nose T-zone when you wake up in the morning. Oily skin results in acne, black and white heads.    

Dry skin

 It is when your skin feels itchy, flaky and rough. Moisturizer is completely absorbed within a few hours and you again feel the need for it. Dryness causes whiteness and a dull looking face. 

Normal skin

 It is when you neither feel the need of face wash twice a day nor the need for moisturization within every few hours.

Combination skin

 It is when your skin has both dry as well as oily areas. One has more oil producing glands at T-zone and less oil producing glands elsewhere

Benefits of retinol 

Breakouts, acne and blemishes are the problems which need proper care to get treated. Retinol can help to cure many skin problems. There are few benefits of retinol listed below: 

Reduces acne 

Retinol reduces the buildup of skin cells which eventually clears the pores. It also blocks inflammation of skin cells.

It helps in reducing the redness and pigmentation as well. 

Aging support

With increasing age our cells underneath start to get weaker. If you notice  skin is exposed to fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol helps our cells to recover and redevelop, promoting brighter and healthier skin. It increases the collagen production and hence plump the skin. 

Sun damage

Retinol strengthens the skin. It protects the skin from the environmental damage which includes pollution, sun and many more factors. After applying retinol , never ever forget to apply your sunscreen.  

Other Benefits 

Retinol removes the dead skin cells which could lead to drier skin. It nourishes your skin and provides immense hydration. It can also treat keratosis Pilaris by exhibiting the rough and bumpy textures. 

Is age a factor? 

It is said that it is better to use a retinol after the age of 30. After attaining the age of 30 our skin becomes more mature and needs extra hydration.

Never use a retinol without consulting your dermatologists . 

Bio retinol 

Bio-retinol is a natural plant form derived from the Psoralea corylifolia shrub, often known as babchi, whose seeds and leaves are found mostly in India.. The bio-retinol is a plant molecule with qualities similar to conventional retinoids without adverse side effects. It is safe to use daily, perfect for all skin types, and secure for pregnant women too!

The efficiency of this highly comprehensive active ingredient in treating the signs of age and photoaging sets it apart from other active ingredients. Additionally, because of its qualities, it has a renewing, brightening, and sebum-regulating impact, which broadens its indications and the skin’s advantages.



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