Monday, April 22, 2024

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Emotive raised $50M in Series B at a $400M Valuation led by CRV


Nowadays, it is common to witness most businesses opting for text messages to attract their target audiences. However, the CEO of Emotive thinks otherwise. According to him, most companies are treating text messaging as mere content comprising letters and sentences. The reason the channel of text messaging performs well is its unsaturated nature. emotive 50m series 400mtechcrunch.

However, with marketing becoming more essential than ever, companies have to be innovative with text messaging to cut through the noise. And companies looking to diversify their text marketing initiatives can rely on Emotive. Emotive is a platform that focuses exclusively on text marketing. It feels like a real conversation with another human.

In reality, companies are leveraging chatbots to impersonate online sales executives. However, online sales executives don’t exist. The main aim of Emotive is to offer a humanized experience while visitors are interacting on your website. Recently, Emotive announced that it has raised $50M in a Series B funding round.

It valued Emotive at $400M. The funding was led by CRV. Note that Mucker Capital also participated when the funds were raised for Emotive. The general partner of CRV highly admires the amount of love Emotive has for its customers. The customers of Emotive are diverse and belong to several industry domains. emotive 50m series crv 400mtechcrunch.

The general partner of CRV also added that this diverse portfolio of customers of Emotive depicts that the company offers the right solutions. Emotive can start conversations around shopping cart abandonment. It can also promote sales and new products. Note that Emotive still possesses an internal team that supervises its operations. The CEO of Emotive says that the company will always have a human touch to everything its does around text marketing.



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