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Disney characters are a great way to get your kids excited about school


The start of the school year is usually the most joyous time of the year for parents. After all, your child has fresh prospects and potential in a new school year. However, while you might be excited about the new beginning, your children might not be. Many kids find going back to school to be a bummer after spending the vacation playing and enjoying the time of their lives with friends.

Kids who are enthusiastic about studying do better in both the classroom and life, it is a proven truth. Being enthusiastic about everything that school has to offer is one of the greatest presents we can give our children. A child has a lot of fresh information to process and learn each day. The delight of new successes fills every day. Any young child who is motivated to achieve something is a lesson in perseverance. Kids don’t need to be taught to love learning by their parents. The only thing left to do is to ensure that the love doesn’t die and to get them fired up about it.

Offering kids school supplies with their favourite Disney characters on them is the perfect way to inspire and get them all excited about heading to school. Your child will appreciate having everything in the Disney back-to-school collection, and it will inspire a love of learning in them.

Let’s have a look at the collection:

Disney Frozen Unleash The Magic Reversible School Bag 41 Cm -Multicolor

This reversible Frozen school bag is one of the best school bags for kids. It is a bag with two designs that can be simply reversed. This bag is embellished on both sides with a Frozen print. Pull the bag from within by opening the zippers and detaching the backstraps. Draw out the backstraps from the two holes on the bottom side, connect the hooks, and you’re ready to go.

 It includes one main compartment, one little pocket up front, and one inner pocket for small stuff. Rubber Puller is a charming creature. includes a short-haul handle as well. This bag is strong since it is made of sturdy nylon material and is soft, trendy, and lightweight.

Marvel Spider-Man Super Food (Small) SS Lunch Box With Dabbi

This fantastic lunchbox has a top that is printed with appealing Transformers characters. The food is kept warm and is safe to eat because it comes in a steel container with a clip lock clasp. It is a kid-sized clip lock lunchbox made of high-quality steel and plastic with a stainless steel interior.

A compact steel container with four side locks is also included. It features nice sidelocks that fit perfectly, are heavy, and are robust. To ensure appropriate and tight fitting, locks are offered on all four sides. The illustration of Spider-cartoon Man’s character that is printed on top of the lunchbox will undoubtedly appeal to your children.

Disney Mickey Mouse Multicolor Diary

Super awesome diaries by Macmerise are created with the highest calibre materials, giving you unequalled easy writing feel and unleashing your inner potential so you don’t miss any appointments, thoughts, or ideas and can be fruitful. It is a tool that you can use to translate your ideas into labour and finish what has to be done.

The diary is the ideal size to fit in your backpack because it is A5 in size and has a cover. It uses paper with a weight of 180 GSM and has 100 ruled pages. Our diaries are the ideal complement to your basic stationery collection, offering a variety of elegant and distinctive styles.

Disney Pooh 600 Ml Water Bottle-Yellow

Winnie the Pooh and his buddies are depicted in an attractive print on this charming flask water bottle. It is yellow in colour, with a red cap and a handle attached.

This flask water bottle is built of a non-toxic, secure substance that does not contaminate the liquid within.

Lastly, It is made of stainless steel and carries 600 ml of water which can be adequate for your little one and the best water bottle for toddlers.

Marvel Avengers Coin Pouch Red

Style Code Kids can benefit from coin purse pouches. We know how much your kids adore marvel characters, thus it has such motifs on it. It is an a pouch-style bag, and the closure is a zip. Its capacity is 0.6 L. It is appropriate for casual occasions. It is perfectly ideal for both girls and boys. Its colour scheme is multicoloured. Polyester was used to make it. This unique round wall clock is a timeless heirloom that you can use in your home or office or give as a present to friends and family.

These were few of the products of the amazing collection Disney got for your kid. If you are looking for more school supplies online india, then visit!



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