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Different categories of cowboy hats that can amaze every fashionista


If you want to get that fashionable western style, you have to get hold of a few cowboy hats. Whether it is cowgirl or cowboy hats, it means all the same. The guide covers every aspect of this new hat style that can help you in multiple ways. From classic cowboy hats to the modern variant of the cowboy, the list never ends. Remember that cowboy hats were once famous among the working section of society. The laborers used to wear this to shield them from the weather variation. Hence, whether it was rain, summer, or winter, they used to take the help of cowboy hats regularly. Thus, cowboy hats have a practical purpose that never goes out of sight. 

  • The different options in cowboy hats

You may be thinking that cowboy hats are similar to any other headwear. However, that is not the case. Often cowboy hats are misunderstood as fedora caps, but that is not right. The unique headwear has gained immense popularity in the western world, especially among youngsters. Now and then, you will see individuals experimenting with their look and trying out different categories of cowboy hats, which are listed below: 

•    Cattleman: One of the traditional cowboy hat categories is cattlemen’s headwear. These feature a top crown crease and curled brim. It has a diverse appeal and classic look that grabs proper attention. Hence, individuals who want to experiment with their traditional look can choose this option. 

•    Brick: the modified version of the cowboy hat is known as brick. It is the modified cattleman headwear. The square crown, rectangular dimple, and distinct top are the features that make brick one of the well-known cowboy hats in the industry. 

•    Gambler: As the name suggests, gamblers in old movies flaunted these hats. It is a unique hat featuring a flat, large brim and flat crown. 

•    Derby: Derby hats are the modern version of the traditional cowboy hats. It features a dimple-free, distinct round crown with a slightly curved and long brim. Derby hats can be paired with almost any outfit and taken to any occasion. 

•    Pinch front: The pinched front headwear features a v shape crown and dual pinches right at the front. These hats give a mysterious appeal to the wearer and are available in dark shades. Since these are available in different shapes and sizes, you have a pinched front cowboy hat for every face. 

•    The gus: Gus cowboy headwear features a high crown that slopes at the front and three distinct dimples placed on the crown. It is one of the most well known cowboy hats grabbing mass attention in the fashion industry. Remember that these are available in different designs, patterns, and materials. Hence, you can wear this on any occasion. 

•    Open crown: Open crowns were famous in old western movies. As the name suggests, these cowboy hats feature around the crown, free form dimples.

Now that you know so much about cowboy hats, it’s time to start experimenting. Remember that shopping for cowboy hats is not that easy. You must take these points under consideration and then go for your selection. Cowboy hats are available both online as well as offline. Multiple manufacturers experiment with their designs and develop new cowboy hat styles. Hence, they help in increasing the popularity of cowboy hats. If you look at cowboy hats going back to the 1920s, you will see that the rugged and long-lasting features of cowboy hats were well established. The contemporary version of cowboy hat styles focuses more on appeal and beauty. 

  • Do not ignore the quality

For individuals who favor quality over quantities, it is ideal for them. High-quality cowboy hats will never go to waste. Although you may feel they are high in price, the investment is worth it. Remember that a hat will stay with you for a long time. Hence, you have to go for better qualities that not only look appealing but are durable at the same time. It would help if you looked at the rating of the hats, which depends on the method used and the material. High-end headwear comes with a 100 X rating. Although fur blends and fur hats are trusted in terms of quality, you cannot say that wool felt and straw hats are not decent. These are also affordable options that can promise you durability and quality. 

Remember that you must have the confidence to wear your hat and be proud of it. You must also see your overall outfit and element balance. Never lose an opportunity to highlight your headwear because you aim to create something unique and original. Once quality and appeal are in place, you are set to be the show’s star. Become a showstopper with a fantastic hat. 



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