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Designer-Approved Ways To Display Stuffed Animals 


The collection of cute stuffed toys begins at an innocent age. From getting your first furry friend when you were a baby to receiving huge teddy bears at an adult age, stuffed toys or plushies are always our favorites. Whether you call it magic or some gifting forces, small or large stuffed animals seem to multiply around us. You will begin with one, and the next time you will see your place, it will have one plushie in every corner of the room. No matter whether a kid or adult, whether it’s a souvenir from a memorable trip of yours or a prize from that arcade, we all are quite attached to our plushies. 

That’s the reason why we can never discard them, and then slowly, we have a room full of stuffed toys everywhere. Therefore, our stuffed animals do need a dedicated space where they can stay easily and are also easy to access. The best way to ease down the mess and make our furry friends look cute like they are is by implementing the right display ideas. We have compiled a list of some designer-approved ways to display and store stuffed animals. 

Different Ways To Display Stuffed Animals 

Caged Corral Way 

One of the best ways to display and store your cuddle friends is in a caged corral. It is a funny storage idea that makes it look like your teddy bears are in a stuffed animal jail. All you have to do is find a big bin with a wide opening. Here you can keep all the stuffed animals in one place without making them look unorganized. This is also one easy way to set a limit on the number of stuffed animals coming into the room. A full bin will also be a cue for the kids that these many stuffed animals are enough. 

Glass Display Cabinet 

Another cute way to display your plush toys is by using or customizing glass display cabinets. Many parents choose this stuffed animal storage idea because it offers an easy solution to avoid all the dust and grime. This is one ultimate way to flaunt your collection of stuffed toys. In addition, the glass display cabinet provides stuffed animals the ultimate protection from dust, as cabinets are sealed with glass. Using sealed glass display cabinets not only protects from dust but also from insects that might ruin them. 

Wall-Mounted DIY Cage 

Another creative way to store your plush toys is using a wall-mounted DIY cage to store and display the collection of your stuffed animals. Firstly you would need a cage, you can purchase it from the store, or you can also make it on your own. After that, assemble the cage into the wall. Once done then, hang it and place all of your stuffed animal toys into that. It is a cute way of displaying your collection of stuffed toys. The height of the cage depends on your preference, but experts recommend to keep it high enough. 

Stuffed Animal Holder Bookcases 

Generally, bookcases are designed to store books, but the best news is that you can use them for almost anything, including your stuffed toys. For example, your collection of the best teddy bear can be easily placed on bookshelves for a cute and efficient storage look. To make it look more creative, you can also put animals between the books or other items for a more whimsical look. Keep small animals attached to the bookends to make them cute and functional. 

Stuffed Animals Corner 

To make it look simple and cute, you can give your stuffed animals a dedicated corner of your home. Just put a little round table or mini chair where you would keep all the teddy bears and stuffed animals. It’s your wish, and you can even scatter the other stuffed toys on the carpeted floor. To make it look more dazzling, you can put a few decoration lights and fake flowers to make the toy corner even more appealing. To add some quirkyness you can also fill bean bag covers with stuffed animals. After that you can also put them in this corner. 

Frame Style Hanging Of Stuffed Toys 

Frame-style hanging is a new way to flaunt your collection of stuffed animals. All you have to do is to make some customize wooden frames and then put them in one corner of your home. Now add all your plush toys and stuffed animals there in the frame. This storage idea you can implement in your living room or any wall along the corridor. In addition to that, you can also make a DIY door for the frame storage to seal it with glass so that your collection of toys can stay protected. 


In conclusion, you can try various display ideas for stuffed animals. From using baskets and hanging frames to storage shelves, there are plenty of display ideas. So, it’s time to experiment with any of these ideas and emphasize your large stuffed animals collection in creative ways.

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