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Dating Girls Abroad: Which Destinations Are Worth Choosing?


People travel for numerous reasons. Some people do it to learn about another country and its people. Other people travel because they feel like the world’s citizens and can’t seem to stay in one place for long. There is another group of people who like to combine traveling and dating. Guys are more likely to do so; their confidence grows when they’re away from home and facing new adventures. It’s exciting to date a foreign gal. For sure, that’s the best way to get to know the culture and to explore hidden gems of a particular location you wouldn’t be able to see if you’re just a tourist. Knowing a local person can deepen and intensify the whole traveling experience. Dating girls abroad is an adventure, but not all girls are up for it. So, the best place to look for a girl open to abroad dating is a dating site or even a group on social media. That way, a guy can be sure that the lady he’s talking to wants the same as him.

In this article, we’ll look deeper into destinations where girls are more friendly and open-minded about dating a guy from another country.

Looking for Women is Always a Good Idea While Traveling

Men who combine traveling and dating get the most from their adventures. Instead of admiring only cultural monuments, they meet local ladies and create memories. Clever men start looking for women on the popular hookup platform before they reach their destination. They get in touch with a couple of ladies, so they don’t have to waste time in bars competing against locals and other tourists. Just like you plan your trip, a guy plans his dating nights.

Dating a local girl can help you explore the place. Nothing beats first-hand information and having a hot local chick to help you navigate the city. That way, you get more than you paid for – a detailed tour and a lovely lady under your arm.

The Best Destinations to Choose

We did the research for you and discovered three destinations you can choose from. Each place is unique and should be picked based on your own preferences. Maybe you’ll be packing and buying plane tickets after you’re finished.

Bangkok, Thailand – The City of Smiles

Bangkok is known as The City of Smiles, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s a known fact that a smile can mean many things, but in Bangkok, there are at least 13 different reasons why people use their smiles. Thai people say that even if you live in Bangkok for several years, you still wouldn’t be able to tell what a smile means.

Dating a Thai girl when in Thailand comes in handy for sure; who knows what will you smile to another person, or you’ll even offend them. While in Bangkok, be sure to visit its temples. Start your day with a girl from your dreams and let her give you a tour of temples you could enter, let her take you cruising around the ancient 19th-century canals, and end your day eating locally.

Iceland – The Land of Bitter Cold but Hot Women

Iceland – the land of ice and fire. It’s clear that the cold part refers to climate and that fire represents numerous geysers scattered around. But, the fire also represents their women. They’re strong and independent and know what they want in life. But, they don’t want to be taken too seriously because they like to have fun.

Iceland is for guys who seek a different type of environment than they’re used to – the vastness of ice and snow filled with geysers. It’s for those guys who want their girl to be firm like ice but hot and steamy like a geyser. Who knows what other gems are hidden in Iceland; date an Icelandic girl and find out.

Tokyo, Japan – The City Where Everyone Remains Young

Tokyo is a place that’s visited by many young travelers, hence the myth of their never-ending youth. They even joke that they should be called “Earth’s youth capital.” Being the capital of Japan, one can only imagine how big this city is. Let us help you – Tokyo is composed of 23 wards, 26 cities, 5 towns, and 8 villages. Imagine exploring a city this big all by yourself. That’s when a Japanese girl jumps in. She’s equally in awe of your culture as you are of hers. While dating and traveling around Tokyo, you’ll learn a lot about cultures and each other. There’s something special about Japanese ladies – they’re secretive, seductive, and mystical; traits a guy likes to see in a girl he dates.

Remember That’s all Based on Your Personal Preferences

Like we said at the beginning – a person should choose their destination based on their preferences and likings. You won’t go to Iceland if you hate the cold, but you’ll go to Bangkok if you like temples and history. Whatever location you pick, we’re sure you’ll find a lady to take out for a cup of coffee or some wine. Be respectful of the country you’re visiting and the foreign girl you’re dating.



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