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Zoey Christina Ball

Zoey Christina Ball was born in California, to NBA basketball players Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia. Zoey is a South Carolina Lowcountry native and the niece of Charlotte LaMelo Ball. Zoey Christina is a member of the large Ball family who share the very same surname as their father but not their mother; thus, Zoey does not have the surname “Ball.” Ball in the Family, their family show, revealed her birth. Zoey’s father plays basketball, and her mom is a sensation on social media.

Zoey Christina Ball: Age

Ball was conceived in 2018 and is now four years old. Lonzo & Denise keep their fans updated on their daughter’s development. Furthermore, Zoey’s parents gained media attention by posting photos of her 1st birthday on Instagram.

Zoey Christina Ball: Parents

There was a significant amount of speculation about Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia’s relationship status. It all began when Lonzo popped up to his 2nd NBA game with a tattoo of her on his arm. Then it turned into gossip however they were not seen together or publicly displayed any affection for each other on camera. However, their romance hit the headlines around Christmas time when it was rumored that Ball wouldn’t be returning to Orleans. He responded by saying the news was absurd, but the rumors were eventually confirmed, and Lonzo was decided to trade to the Lakers for Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and three first-round draft picks. So, for the NBA superstar, things are finally beginning to settle down.

Destin Christopher Tucker

Destin Tucker is known primarily as the son of Chris Tucker, a well-known American actor and comedian. Destin is a booming actor who appeared in the film ‘Love in Moreno Valley’.

Destin Christopher Tucker: Early Years

Chris Tucker & Azja Pryor gave birth to Destin Christopher Tucker on September 14, 1998. Destin is the one and only child born from Chris Tucker & Azja Pryor’s marriage. Tucker had a secure childhood because his parents provided for his needs. Tucker’s father’s celebrity allowed him to attend prestigious schools including such as ‘Oaks Christian School’, which aided him to become the super star he is. Destin attended Morehouse College after high school graduation where he studied Technology, Cinema and Emerging Media.

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Destin Christopher Tucker: Father

Destin Christopher Tucker, a well-known comedian, is Destin Tucker’s father. Chris Tucker, an actor and comedian has always been able to make people laugh ever since his junior high. Chris began his career as a stand up comedian on ‘Def Comedy Jam’, an HBO comedy series, in 1992. Chris Tucker took his comedic wits to the big screen two years later, in the comedy movie ‘House Party 3’. Chris Tucker’s breakthrough on the big screen came in 1995, when he co-starred in the comedy Friday with Ice Cube & the hip hop group NWA. Tucker gained notoriety by appearing in other successful films, such as the action comedy Rush Hour. Chris has appeared in videos for famous artists such as Tupac Shakur’s California Love and Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World.



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