Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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aiven 100m series 800msawersventurebeat


A very well-known software company that uses some of the best open-source techs along with the cloud infrastructure, Aiven, has recently announced that they have raised upwards of $100 million in Series C. with this amount, the total investment of the company of $150 million brings it at a total valuation of $800 million. The round showed participation from newer investors like Salesforce Ventures and World Innovation Lab, and was led by Atomico. Aiven’s lead investors in Series A and Series B, EarlyBird Venture Capital and IVP, respectively also helped increase their capital commitments to the company. aiven 100m 800msawersventurebeat

Aiven has said they will use the proceeds to bring about a new set of products to the market and increase contributions, developing more profound open-source technologies. They will also continue their international expansion. All Aiven products are universally relevant and with new investors and new investments, the company can better target the underserved markets. The company also plans on doubling its headcount over the next year, while also launching an open-source program office.

In January 2021, for the very first time, open-source database management solutions outstripped the use of commercial services. Open source essentially powers all aspects of the global economy from energy metering and retail analytics to home automation and more. Many existing tools require heavy operational capabilities, especially if managed in-house.  

They are further democratizing overall access to such open-source technologies. Aiven plans on offering fully-managed amenities and help in a number of different open-source projects such as Cassandra, Apache Kafka, M3 and OpenSearch. With their services, companies of all sizes can expect a fully-functional and modern open source data infrastructure, in mere minutes, each such service will also be tailor-made depending on their requirements of end-to-end security, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, set up and more.



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