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A List of International Money Transferring Services with ZERO Transfer Fees


Money transferring across the globe is a need for millions of people working abroad. However, the combined charges of exchange rates and service fees haven’t exactly made it an economic development. Few people know, that there do exist services that charge none to very low transfer fees.

Here’s a list of these services:


Frontier Pay is a money transfer company that charges with no hidden fees nor takes any commissions. Even the exchange rates offered by the company are highly competitive and affordable. Hence the company is not only saving the client from transfer fee but also from high exchange rates, making the entire ordeal very fairly priced.


HiFX is a widespread company with its presence spread all over UK, New Zealand, Australia and USA. Their transfer limit is as high as $500,000 and they remain at service for their clients 24/7. Compared to the big banks, those who chose HiFX for their international money transfer actually save up to 85% in fees. The process might seem complicated for the first timers, but once they learn the procedure, they’ll swiftly get to know about the best services in the market.

World First

World First is hitting new milestones everyday with their innovative techniques for international money transfer. Their services include an email money transfer option for international wires. The clients basically have to wire the company to World First and let them book an exchange rate for them. Once the desired exchange rate hits the market, the company converts the money and drop the amount right into the account in the other country. While their fee charge is not completely free of cost, except for occasional coupons and deals. Their regular charges themselves are not too costly and range from $0 to $25.

Currencies Direct

International money transferring companies that are completely devoid of any transfer fee are few and far in between. But they do exist; just like Currencies Direct International Money Transfer Service. Currencies Direct is a registered company based in UK and is among the largest global money transferring services. The company is huge, flexible and offers a list of provisions to make money transfer easy and convenient for individuals and business clients. With high user rating and no transfer fee, Currencies Direct is one of the best options to consider for international transfer.


OFX offers its transferring services in as much as 50 currencies and do it at a rate of $0 transfer fee in a number of major countries around the globe. In addition to being cheap, the service is also accommodating with its flexible options. Whether it is schedule transfers or forward contracts, both options are available to suit the needs of the clients. OFX is the service to go after when time is limited and so is the money.


TransferWise is another ground breaking international money transfer service that offers mid-market rate and charge a measly transfer fee of $3. With a service like TransferWise, businesses are getting the chance to expand internationally without holding back. Moreover, these services are safe and secure too, which wills save you from the trouble of worrying over your misplaced money and then going through the process of filing a complaint about it.

Not only are these services cheap, but they are also trust worthy with their years of good reputation in the market. These are basically the go-to services when you overseas account is drying up.



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