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6 Tips to Survive Self-Employment


Many people want to be self-employed because the benefits are immense if you succeed. You’re no longer exchanging your time (however much you put in) for a fixed paycheck. 

Instead, your income becomes dependent on your efforts. You get to enjoy flexibility and independence that could never be possible working nine-five.

That said, why do you think only a fraction of people dare to challenge themselves and strike it out on their own?

It’s a risky move.

You face glaring challenges like running out of funds, lack of workforce, difficulties selling, late payments, etc.

The challenges are real, and as a result, the chances of failure are pretty high

Considering the odds you’re facing when you decide to leave the comfort of a guaranteed paycheck, it’s necessary to have a survival strategy. These tips will help you survive self-employment:

1. Foresee Trouble

What will you do if things don’t go quite as you had expected?

You may have a solid plan, but the true test comes down to execution. As good as your plan is, think through the worst-case scenarios long before things get rolling.

Write down your fears and determine measures you can take if any of them becomes real.

2. Create Options

The uncertainty that comes with self-employment makes it necessary to have options that will shield you when things are tough.

Jobs may trickle down to a stop only to pick up again in a few months. You should have options you can fall back to in the meantime.

If yours is a service-based business, you may need to sign up with intermediary platforms that will help supply you with jobs when you run out of clients.

You could approach companies in your industry and ask if they outsource work now and then. Be open to offering assistance to create a relationship you may need later on.

3. Have a Work Schedule

Some people will seriously disregard the importance of having a work schedule because they believe they are used to getting things done.

However, self-employment is nothing like being employed. What comes with being responsible for everything is having more on your hands. Even if you have employees, your work hours won’t be quite as they used to be.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of overworking yourself when you don’t need to or underperforming when the moment demands productivity. To create cohesion, you need a system that keeps things running.

4. Get Insured

One of the things that will weigh on your shoulders as an entrepreneur is getting insurance. Considering you no longer have the privilege of traditional employment, such as health coverage, you’ll have to make your own arrangements.

Running your own business also opens you up to the world of liabilities. Your services or products may cause harm or fail to meet certain standards. The risk of getting into legal disputes becomes real, making it necessary to have liability coverage for your business.

It’s important to figure out early on the type of business insurance you’ll need. Learn more about the options available to you to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

5. Find Your Golden Client

Now and then, a client comes along who gives you that break you’ve been looking for. Some are so loyal that they won’t work with anybody except you. Others come with regular business, and others offer fat retainers.

There are many such clients in the business world. It’s up to you to always be on the lookout, and when you spot one, make all your dealings with them worth their while to keep them coming.

6. Stay Connected

You may be self-employed, but don’t allow yourself to become an island. Nobody survives on their own in the business world. Those numerous conferences and marketing events corporations host are meant to build connections with other businesses besides promoting their brand.

Keep networking among your priorities and stay connected. Reach out to other self-employed business owners like yourself who are interested in sharing knowledge and opportunities.


Giving up the security that comes with employment for the uncertain world of self-employment is not an easy decision. While venturing out on your own promises to move you up the ladder, it has its fair share of challenges. Laying down strategies to help you survive self-employment is crucial.



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