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6 Effective Time Management Tips for Moms


All mothers struggle to find the perfect balance between work and family. Keeping life in order with demands from kids and coworkers alike is challenging. Due to the demands of life, at times, it’s hard to stay sane. Yet, it can get much more manageable. All you need are some foundational skills in time management.

Managing your time means figuring out what needs your attention immediately. The rest can wait for you to do at a later time. So many moms try to do it all, only to get stressed out when they realize they’re only one person.

If you feel overwhelmed with the expectations of motherhood, you’re not alone. Here are five practical time management tips that’ll help pull you through. 

1. Get Enough Sleep

The advice to get enough rest is a bit cliché. But this tip is one of the best for moms to consider. Sleeping for at least six to eight hours a night lets your body go into natural rest mode. Then, depending on how well you sleep, it also allows you to wake up naturally. 

Without sleep, your body won’t have time to repair itself. As a busy mom, you must get enough rest. Otherwise, you’ll likely feel even more exhausted and experience unnecessary emotional and physical pain. 

2. Stay Organized

Not everything that you need to get done will fall into neat categories. It would help if you kept a neat and organized schedule for your day. Maintaining a schedule means ensuring you don’t double up on things—instead, reserve time for the most critical tasks. For example, you can prioritize spending time with your partner and child. 

Other tasks you may want to prioritize are cleaning up toys off the floor. To make the following day easier, consider preparing lunches in advance. There are many ways to stay organized and make life easier. 

3. Set Work Hours

Being a mom is already a full-time job, so you must ensure you’re not working 50 hours a week, for example. You may have no choice than to work full-time. If that’s case, you need to figure out a schedule that works best for you and your child. 

If you work for too many hours, you may end up getting sick due to lack of sleep. If you were to get sick, your health and your child’s could be in danger. So, ensure that you set aside time after work when your focus is on you and your child.

4. Multitask—But Only When Appropriate

Many moms find that multitasking keeps them from getting things done. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t be doing at the same time. For example, it’s not wise to text or talk on your cell phone when trying to keep an eye on the kids. Depending on their age, it’s best to wait until they’re in their crib or somewhere safe before conversing with someone. 

5. Eat Well

Eating well is essential, as it will help you stay more alert, get more productive and avoid burnout. Many moms feel exhausted after giving birth. Naturally, they are tired because their body is trying to heal. If you’re a new mom, ensure you eat the right food. Eat lean meat and fewer carbs and sugars. Making your diet, a healthy one benefits your body — not just for the short term but also in the long term.

6. Try Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular with moms. You may be looking for ways to relieve pain after delivery or the stresses of motherhood. Using marijuana is an excellent way to ease the soreness or pain that comes with motherhood. 

Marijuana has also gained popularity in treating postpartum depression and anxiety. So if you struggle with depression after giving birth, medical marijuana may be a good solution. 

You may also have older children that you struggle with keeping in line. But, no matter the stressors, medical marijuana can allow you to cope better with motherhood. 


Motherhood is no walk in the park, so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it right every day. There’s a learning curve to being a mother; like any mother, you won’t know how to handle everything. You’re only human, after all! 

Instead of getting discouraged day in and day out, learn how to manage your time effectively. Using your time well allows you to enjoy every moment with your kids. And it will enable you to stay stress-free while focusing on the most critical tasks at hand. 



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