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10 Diets You can Eat if You have Stomach Ulcer


If you are suffering from chronic stomach ulcer, you need to take good care of your health and eat the right kind of food that does not trigger symptoms in your body. Many people are under the assumption that eating spicy foods or snacks can cause ulcers. However, it is not entirely true and it has been proved in recent years that infection is the main reason for stomach ulcers. In this regard, you need to avoid foods that trigger infection in your stomach. You can use the below mentioned diets and enjoy your food without any worries about stomach ulcer. Apart from that, you can also consult a dietician and get a detailed diet plan to suit your health condition. Along with all these diets, you can also use medication that prevents ulcers in the long run to get better relief. If you are prescribed pan 40 tablets by your doctor, make sure to understand the pan 40 composition and use it in the right dosage to get effective relief from gastric problems.

1. Broccoli and green leafy vegetables


Most green leafy vegetables provide good nutrition for your body and they are generally known to neutralize the acids in the stomach. In this way, you will get some relief from stomach ulcer problems and this also provides good strength to your body to fight stomach infections. You can even choose salads made of such leafy vegetables including broccoli. When it comes to using medication along with your diet, you need to understand their benefits to treat your condition. If you are using pan 40 tablets, check for the pan 40 composition and see if this contains pantoprazole as this is well known to provide quick relief from various gastric problems. You can effectively use such tablets for treating pylori infection, esophagitis and acid reflux problems.

2. Varieties of berries


Most forms of berries like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberries are good for your stomach and they can even prevent ulcers in the long run. You can consume fresh berries if they are available or use the juice on a regular basis. You can change your diet between different berries so that you get the beneficial result of all the berries in the long run.

3. Carrots, Cabbage and radish are good for stomach ulcer

Carrots, Cabbage and radish

People suffering from stomach ulcer generally have less options when it comes to food items. However, you need not worry about stomach ulcers when you regularly consume carrots, radish and cabbage. They are rich in nutrients and fight ulcer causing bacteria effectively. You can eat fresh vegetables in the form of salads or even cook them in different dishes as per your preference.

4. Fresh fruits


Many people are not aware of the health benefits of fresh fruits and ignore them in their diet. Remember that eating raw fruits provides many micro-nutrients for your body that can prevent infection causing bacteria in the stomach and this will eventually reduce the occurrence of ulcers in the stomach. If you do not like eating raw fruits, you can even consume them in the form of juice. However, it is always good to consume fresh juice as against packaged fruit juice.

5. Bread and grains

Bread and grains

You can include whole grain bread in your diet and get various health benefits. They are good for stomach ulcers and do not trigger infection in the long run. You can also eat lot of freshly cooked grains along with bread as they provide sufficient nutrition to your body and this is also a good way to stay away from stomach infections.

6. Meat products


Eating meat products regularly will keep your body fit and you can fight various stomach infections and avoid ulcers in the long run. However, make sure that you eat fully cooked meat as raw meat may contain certain infection causing bacteria. Other than that, you should also give preference to lean meat and fish as they are rich in various nutrients and contain less calories when compared to other options. You can also eat eggs as they are well known to reduce the acid levels in the stomach.

7. Milk Products

Bread and grains

You can use milk and other associated products like curd, yogurt and ghee whenever possible in your everyday diet. This will neutralize the acids in the stomach to a large extent and you can expect good relief from stomach ulcer pain. Discuss with your doctor about your health condition and they may also suggest suitable medication like pan 40 to treat stomach ulcer. You can check the pan 40 composition that is printed on the label and understand how it benefits your health.

8. Using honey instead of sugar

Honey is known to have excellent benefits for your overall health and you will get good relief from stomach ulcers if you replace sugar with honey. You can use honey for your early morning drinks or even use them with juices instead of sugar. In this way, your body will get the best health benefits of honey and you will be able to fight various diseases effectively in the long run. Honey combined with lemon juice is also an excellent diet for stomach ulcer patients.

9. Green tea

green tea

The good thing about green tea is that it only stops the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach and does not affect the beneficial bacteria that is required for digestion and other process in the body. You can use green tea without caffeine to get the best benefits and it is also a good idea to have this on empty stomach early in the morning. It will also help to flush toxins from the body and this will regulate the acid level in the body.

10. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is an excellent diet for stomach ulcer patients as this blocks the bacteria causing infection in the stomach. In this way, there is no risk of the bacteria mutation and they do not become resistant to treatment at a later stage. It is also well known to prevent H pylori infection and you will find good relief from various symptoms of stomach ulcer. You can consume this juice regularly in the morning before having food so that it can prevent overgrowth of bacteria effectively in the stomach.



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